Dethscales represent regions of immutability in a Seeker's cloak. Whereas other pixels on the Seeker's cloak are customizable, these pixels are dead and cannot be modified by a Seeker.

A 4x4 pixel seed pattern is generated on-chain when a Seeker is Cloaked. These seeds are repeated in a 32x32 grid to create the full Cloak pattern.

The number of dethscales in the seed scales on the Good -> Evil axis. The more Evil your Seeker’s alignment, the greater the number of dethscales.

The amount of noise injected into the full cloak pattern scales on the Lawful -> Chaotic axis. The more Chaotic your Seeker’s alignment, the more noise in the cloak’s pattern.

Example of Lawful Good

Example of Chaotic Evil

Rare Seeker Cloaks

For 5% of Cloaked Good and Evil Seekers, the density of their dethscale pattern will be flipped. Thus, it is possible (yet unlikely), to have an Evil Seeker whose cloak pattern will have very few, or a Good Seeker whose cloak has many dethscales.

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