Spending Shard

Spending Shard is a permanent and irreversible on-chain interaction.

Add Power to your Seeker

Shard can be burnt to add Power to Seeker.

1 Shard = 8 Power

See Seeker Power for more details:

pageSeeker Power

Spend Shard to Mint a Fragment

Multiple Shard can be burnt to mint a single Key Fragment.

5 Shard = 1 Fragment

See the Fragments page for more details:

pageKey Fragments

Offer Shard to The Ledgerman

A mysterious being called The Ledgerman is collecting Shard to practice a curious form of alchemy. The earlier you offer your Shard to him, the more resources he can harvest, and the greater deal he might offer you.

If you are intrigued by the Coinlander universe, but do not want to play during Season One, you can maximize your chances of success in later Seasons by offering your Shards to The Ledgerman.

X Shard -> On-chain record of your offering (timestamp and qty)

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