Claiming Rewards

Former Coinlander, claim what is yours

Once another player seizes The One Coin from you, you may return to the Shrine to claim your rewards, which includes your initial stake (minus small fees) and awarded game tokens.

Please note that all rewards transactions may require network or gas fees.

Returned Stake

A former Coinlander player can reclaim the amount of ETH they staked to seize The One Coin, less a 1% cut that contractually ensures the 64 ETH prize pool at the end of Season One.


Birth a Seeker: Every time The One Coin changes hands, a former champion of ancient times is reborn. These Seekers wish to pledge their allegiance to you, the erstwhile Coinlander. You can claim your Seeker NFT after the Coinlander is seized from you, but not before.

Summon a Seeker: At certain times it will be possible to mint Seeker NFTs independently and without seizing The One Coin. However, Seekers born of The One Coin are deterministically stronger than Seekers summoned directly.

Mint Shard

As The One Coin grows in power, it sheds some excess every time it is seized. The essence of this power is captured and manifested as Shard, an in-game resource. You are rewarded Shard when The One Coin is seized from you in an amount proportional to the price you paid for The One Coin. A player receives 1 Shard plus an additional bonus shard for each 0.5 Eth increment in One Coin price. For example, if you seized the One Coin for 0.4 ETH, you will be rewarded 1 Shard; if you seize for 0.6 ETH or 0.9 ETH, you will be rewarded 2 Shard; and so on.

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