The One Coin

"An artifact of immense value and power, bequeathing the title of Coinlander"

The Season One game revolves around a singular artifact: The One Coin. Holding this One Coin grants the holder the title of Coinlander and with it, certain rewards. The One Coin follows five laws...

There can only be one

Only one Coinlander exists. Only one Coinlander will ever exist.

There is only one token that empowers someone to be the Coinlander and only one will ever exist. It is a singular NFT with special restrictions built into the logic of the game’s smart contract.

It can only be seized by force

The One Coin can only be had by seizing it from its current holder. And rest assured… Others seek the power of the Coinlander for themselves.

The One Coin can be seized by someone who pledges more than the previous person. This cannot be stopped or defended; upon seizure, the token is transferred from the current holder to the new Coinlander. All previous holders of The One Coin are immortalized at The Keeper's Shrine.

As it is seized it shall grow

Each time the One Coin is seized it grows in size, value, and power.

The price of the One Coin is fixed according to a pre-set model. As it appreciates in value over multiple seizures, game mechanics, rewards, and player benefits which have been built into the smart contract are unlocked.

All those who have hedl shall be rewarded

The Keeper’s blessings are bequeathed upon the Seekers who have held the coin. By taking the pilgrimage back to the Keeper’s Shrine, the Keepers shall re-forge the scraps of Coinlander that shed as it was taken so that you may seize again.

Any player who has had the Coinlander seized from them is rewarded by the world. They receive back the pledge they made for the One Coin, and are given an in-game resource called Shard. Additionally, the player receives an in-game character token known as a Seeker.

Only one shall hodl it

There shall come a day when the One Coin can no longer grow. On this day, the One Coin shall be bequeathed to the last and final Coinlander; a day known only as the Sweet Release.

After being seized a certain number of times, the One Coin becomes untethered from the game contract's restrictive logic. At this point, it can no longer be seized by force and becomes a standard collectible/tradable/sellable NFT. This momentous occasion triggers numerous in-game mechanics which reward all players of Coinlander: Season One.

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