Seizing the One Coin

The One Coin can be seized by any player by paying the Seize price on the Shrine page.

Each time The One Coin is seized, three events occur:

  1. The Player that seizes The One Coin becomes COINLANDER

  2. The Player that was Coinlander can mint tokens including a Seeker NFT with stronger than normal on-chain attributes and customizable cosmetics.

  3. The Vault's prize grows, winnable by a player who unlocks it after the Sweet Release

The player who holds The One Coin is known as "The Coinlander."

The player who makes the 1111th seizure will HODL the One Coin and activate the Sweet Release.

Price Schedule of the One Coin

The One Coin follows a strict price schedule up until its last seizure at #1111.

Starting price: 0.05 Eth Appreciation Rate: 0.06%

Writing on the Wall

When you successfully seize The One Coin and become Coinlander, you can leave a message on the steps to the Keepers' Shrine for all to see. This message is stored in perpetuity on the Shrine and cannot be changed once the holder has lost the title of Coinlander*. *The window to write on the wall is active for 1 hour after seizure, regardless of subsequent seizures. Be sure you write your message within that hour!

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