Shard Tokenomics

There is not a hard cap on the number of Shard that can exist, but there is a theoretical maximum of 91,238. The sources of shard are threefold:

  1. Shard created from seizures of the One Coin (13,350)

  2. Shard from the Shardbags, airdropped at the Sweet Release to each Seeker (max 77,777)

  3. Keeper Shard, mintable by the Coinlander dev team for giveaways and community incentives (111)

As the One Coin is seized, more new Shard is created. Because of this, Shard begins as an inflationary token. However, after the 555th seizure, Shard becomes redeemable and burnable so its supply will fluctuate.

Shard from Seizures

After each seizure, the previous Coinlander can visit the Shrine page on the Coinlander website to claim their rewards, including Shard. The number of Shard rewarded to them is proportional to the price they pledged to seize The One Coin. Each Coinlander is guaranteed one Shard and an additional Shard for each 0.5 ETH increment in the seizure price.

The maximum reward is 77 Shard on last seizure which triggers the Sweet Release.

Shardbags Airdrop

At the Sweet Release, every Seeker is given a Shardbag which will contain a random number of shard. Each Shardbag can contain anywhere from 1 to 7 Shard. The number of Shard inside can be revealed when you get it appraised. After you appraise your Shardbag, the Shard inside will be immediately minted and sent to your wallet.

The Shardbag is claimable on a per-Seeker basis and moves with the Seeker. If you trade a Seeker without appraising its Shardbag, their new owner will have the option to appraise the bag and claim the Shard inside.

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